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Listen Up!

Vocalists, Lyricists, and Bands: We are ready to work with you!


We can be your backbone or we can flip or reinterpret your existing track for a truly unique mix.  We can also help you in every aspect of your project including Copyright, Publishing, and Digital Distribution.

For advertisers and production houses alike, the Beat Guild is a new concept in music production.  Our experienced team is ready to create the sonic environment you are looking for.  Ranging from ambient to disco, from hip-hop to contemporary, The Beat Guild can give your campaign the added dimension it needs for your target market. 

Want to hear examples?  Click our Music / Commercial / Film links above. We work together as a team to create your tracks, each bringing our distinctive style to the table.

The Beat Guild is not a label, simply a conduit for you to get the tracks you need, quickly and affordably.

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