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For your listening pleasure...

:30 second Demos

We are constantly creating new jingles and soundscapes in hopes that you will find a match. So, while this player will always be current,  if you need a specific sound and can define requirements, we can produce many versions of a track and deliver back immediately for you to hone in the exact sound you hear.

Consider The Beat Guild for your next commercial production and let us create the perfect complimentary track.

Original Works

The Beat Guild is currently comprised of two very creative and resourceful musicians. Both have played professionally in bands as well as contributed to the projects of other talented artists in various ways.

Constantly working and creating produces many different styles, and each new track gets added as soon as it is deemed complete


   With  two different musical backgrounds, the Beat Guild shows versatility and skill in making a solid piece from beginning to end.


The Beat Guild periodically like to enter remix contests and other similar fun things. There is nothing like getting your hands on original stems from some amazing artists, and being able to run freely with them. 

This player showcases many fun flips/remixes, from Depeche Mode to Lamb and more!

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